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Audi Trimaran concept by Stefanie Behringer

Audi Trimaran concept by Stefanie Behringer: "

Posted on 05.8.2011 18:00

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If Audi can make themselves a cool little bicycle, why not throw in a boat while they are at it? That’s the opinion of German grad student, Stefanie Behringer, which is why she designed a trimaran yacht as her graduate project under the supervision of the AUDI concept design group in Munich, Germany.

The new trimaran boat integrates two jet skis within a motorboat, but its basis is pure trimaran. A trimaran is a boat with multiple hulls that features a main center hull. This center hull is supported by two smaller outrigger hulls on either side of the boat. The Audi trimaran is 15m long and only 6.40m wide. The deck has enough room for 12 people, but more space is available in the form of four berths.

Audi’s part in the project involves two efficient and lightweight Audi TDI (turbo-charged injection) diesel engines that develop about 500 HP each. For speeds of up to eight knots, the boat will use the 100 HP electric engines that are used to drive the jet skis, but at higher speeds (of up to 30 knots), the boat will use the two engines alternatively. With a total output of about 1200 HP, the boat is rumored to hit a top speed of 40 knots.

Automakers sure don’t make what they used to.

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Audi Trimaran concept by Stefanie Behringer originally appeared on topspeed.com on Sunday, 8 May 2011 18:00 EST.

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